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For up-to-date information about memberships, training programs, etc., please contact us at (780) 864-7641 or email.

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Industry Leading Coaching

J4 Performance was inspired by the truth that all parts of health are connected. Whether the client is 16-years-old with a goal to become a better athlete, or a 60-year-old with a goal to manage and alleviate pain from a past injury, Jimmy always approaches and trains the body as

one interconnected system.


Whereas many personal trainers focus on body part workouts (for example, chest & back day), all of Jimmy's training programs include thoughtfully designed full body workouts that prioritize the whole core musculature with an emphasis on either the lower body or upper body.

The Gold Standard in Strength & Conditioning

Jimmy's experience working with 1200+ student-athletes as a university strength & conditioning coach, and learning directly from top professionals in both strength & conditioning and physical therapy has helped propel his career as an aspiring leader in the fitness industry.

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1 of 2 RKC Instructors in Canada

Jimmy was introduced to Russian kettlebell training methods at the University of La Verne, first as an athlete and then as an assistant strength & conditioning coach. He was fascinated by how much could be accomplished with so little equipment, which inspired him to attend the RKC workshop in 2020.

In just 5 years of training with kettlebells, Jimmy has discovered a passion to share with people that they too can become incredibly strong without having to complicate things with a ton of equipment or exercises.


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We Look Forward To Meeting You

Once you've paid for your membership, we will help get you set up with a New Member Welcome Bag!

The studio is open by appointment only, which will be determined between you and Coach Jimmy based on what sort of membership you've invested in.

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Max Sekulic
Professional Golfer

Jimmy's enthusiasm and dedication makes working with him very rewarding. He has helped me better understand my abilities and fine tune my body to compete at the highest level. Jimmy has the knowledge and skills of a NCAA Division I strength & conditioning coach.

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Rhonda Yurchyshyn
Bad Ass Mom

Jimmy has an amazing way of letting you experience what is good for your body is also good for your soul. I joined this program as a social outing with friends and it has become something that I get to do for enjoyment. Thank you for introducing me to your awesome program!

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Hailey Shura
U13 Spirit River Rangers, Captain

I have noticed huge improvements in my overall speed, strength & endurance in a short amount of time. I recommend student-athletes join our U18 team because Jimmy helps us commit to ourselves and make each other better while having lots of fun in the process.


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