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The majority of sports are "chaotic", or unpredictable in nature. Using hockey as an example, the sport-specific demands of a real game requires athletes to stop, rapidly re-start and change directions in response to the puck, teammates and/or opposing players. Therefore, speed and agility need to be trained in a progressive manner to meet a sport's demands and reduce the chances of potential injury.

The initial phase of the program, like all programs, focuses on building a solid foundation for power, speed and agility by teaching landing mechanics, lateral loading, and sprint mechanics before progressing to more reactive and unpredictable drills that closer mimic the demands of a real sporting event. The picture shows one of many examples of how we can train in a more reactive, natural way by having multiple athletes respond to the movement of one athlete. The athlete in the middle is referred to as the "rabbit", while the athletes on either side are attempting to "chase the rabbit". In this drill, the rabbit decides whether to sprint forward or backward in an effort to trick and lose the chasers, who are shuffling side-to-side while chasing the rabbit. Essentially, we play variations of the game tag and other friendly competitions that make training more enjoyable and purposeful for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Summer Speed & Agility is ideal for the student-athlete who enjoys training in a small-to-moderate sized team (6-12 participants). This program is a 3-day, 4-week program (minimum) that costs $240/person ($20/session), which also includes a J4 athletic shirt. All sessions are approximately 60-minutes long and will be held outdoors at Ste Marie. Drop-in fee is $30/session. GST included in total prices. Currently accepting EMT or cash. Payment plans are available.


Strength and power is a requirement to be a superior athlete, but most importantly, become more resilient to potential injury. Injury prevention is always the #1 consideration for all of our programs, with gains in strength and power being a product of moving well and training with great focus and effort.

Proper kettlebell practice reinforces natural movement patterns, which is greater for safety and proficiency in any athletic endeavor. Kettlebell training is especially beneficial for full-contact athletes who must be able to brace for impact. Kettlebell swings are a safer, low-impact alternative to jumping for athletes like volleyball and basketball players who are constantly jumping. For the overhead athlete, repetitive snatches are ideal to build strong and resilient shoulders.

To complement kettlebells, we use ultimate sandbags to provide a unique challenge that can't be accomplished with any other piece of equipment. The sand shifts every repetition, forcing athletes to learn how to manage an unpredictable weight load. Similarly to our summer speed & agility program, unpredictability is required in athletics. The majority of sports are unpredictable in nature, so we train to best prepare athletes for their respective sport using the right tools to accomplish the desired outcome.

As always, we start with the foundations, with each athlete progressing at their own unique rate. 

This program is offered year-round and is ideal for the student-athlete who enjoys training with a smaller team of friends (4-6 participants). It is a 2-day/week, 6-week program (minimum) for $240/participant ($20/session). All sessions are approximately 1-hour long and are by appointment only for the team of 4-6 participants. Due to the complex nature of this program, it is only available for teams of athletes in the age categories of 12 - 16 and 17+ yrs old. GST included in total price. Currently accepting EMT or cash. Payment plans are available.

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