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How Are You Getting Better This Year?

NCAA Experience For Our Youth

Strength & conditioning is much more than just lifting weights and becoming a better athlete. We use S&C as a vehicle that develops personal and social skills:




Team Work

We develop the whole student-athlete.

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Sports Performance Training

Injury prevention is always the #1 consideration when designing strength & conditioning programs.

In-season or off-season, we prepare our student-athletes to be more resilient so that they can handle the demands of life, sport and excel in competition.

Building 3-D Athleticism

Being big and strong doesn't always equal athleticism. 

We train to be fast, reactive, and explosive in all planes of motion to develop the overall athlete.

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Teammates & Competitors

Whether you play organized sports or not, we approach our group training sessions as a team bonding experience. We support and challenge one another to become better versions of ourselves.

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Max Sekulic
Washington State University Men's Golf

Jimmy’s enthusiasm and dedication for physical fitness is what makes working with him very rewarding and enjoyable. Training with him has been extremely beneficial. He has helped me better understand my abilities as an athlete and fine tune my body for competition. I have had the opportunity to be in many athletic gyms and be surrounded by many sports performance people to realize that Jimmy has the traits and skills of a NCAA Division 1 strength & conditioning coach.

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Hailey Shura
U13 Spirit River Rangers Captain

Training with Jimmy has been a great experience that's helped me stay active and accomplish many of my goals to prepare for hockey season. One the ice, I have noticed huge improvements in my overall speed, strength, and endurance. I have also learned new ways to improve my physical and mental health. I recommend student-athletes join our U18 team because Jimmy helps us commit to ourselves and making each other better while having lots of fun in the process.

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