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Off Season, In-Season,

I Got You

No matter what time of year, there is always an opportunity to improve. Learn skills and movements in the weight room that prioritize injury prevention and translate to your sport-specific goals and needs.

My intention is to help all of my athletes pursue optimal performance in everything that they love to do. For real, I got you!

Long-Term Student-Athlete Development

Collegiate Coaching Experience

Optimizing Athletic Performance

All athletes, myself included, are students of sport, school and life. We are also each other's greatest mentors. As a team, we can challenge each other to be the best at what we do.

I care deeply about our athletes, but I care more about the next 5, 10 and 50 years of their lives. Our foundations (hydration, nutrition and sleep) are the #1 priority. Physical training comes second.

In my 3 years as a collegiate strength & conditioning coach, I've trained 18 different athletic teams, both women and men. During this time, I've been fortunate to learn hands-on from world renown coaches and professionals.


Most importantly, I have experienced what makes championship teams. It begins with your attitude and then that of your teammates. I can't coach effort, rather, you have to want it for yourself. You are only as successful as you believe to be and I want to help you achieve everything and more

Our strength & conditioning program prioritizes injury prevention, which will improve athletic performance. It simply does not make sense to put strength on dysfunction.


We develop superior athleticism through high-triplexity training, Russian Kettlebell concepts, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) concepts & CHAOS speed & agility. Powerlifting & Olympic weight lifting play small foundational roles in our system to prepare athletes to move well in 3 planes of motion.

Golf Performance Services - Coming Spring 2021

Collegiate Level Coaching Experience Tailored to All Skill Levels

1-on-1 Playing Lessons

(4) Playing Lessons - $400

(1) Playing Lesson - $125

9-hole golf lessons that focus on assessing all aspects of your golf game. Driving range lessons are beneficial, but I believe that we can accomplish more quality work by playing golf more so than golf swing.

Short Course

A Team Approach to Going Low

Bright and early begins with a warm up to prepare you for short game practice: putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play. After 30-minutes of guided practice, we head onto the golf course to play 9-holes of modified golf inside 125 yards.

$10 per golfer

Collegiate Golf Mentorship Program

Your Personalized Plan Towards A Scholarship

(1) 9-hole Playing Lesson

(1) Short Game Course Lesson

(4) Athlete Strength & Conditioning Training Sessions

(4) 1-on-1 Zoom Meetings

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