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9 Core Values

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Consideration for one's self and others



The core value of respect lays the foundation for the Youth development Program, and is introduced on Day 1 as it relates to the 3 class expectations:

1. Always try your best, no matter what

2. Lift people up, don't push them down

3. Listen when other people are talking

Similarly to respect, water is also a foundation, but for all life. During sessions, we will discuss hydration, how it can benefit us, and how respecting our world's #1 natural resource is important to other people.



Being truthful to yourself & others

Being honest about who we are and what we do is another foundation of the program. It isn't so much about not lying, but rather, getting to know ourself so that we can better help ourself and others.

It is easy to "cheat" ourselves, especially when it comes to daily food choices. If we have access to healthy foods, why should we cheat ourselves from the benefits of whole foods that serve as our primary source of daily energy?



Believing in yourself & others

No matter who you are, what you look like, how much money you have, or your family's background, I want you to feel comfortable and confident in yourself as an individual.


The recent generations of youth know only a world that includeds advanced technology and social media, which has had many detrimental effects on self-image. Anxiety, depression and suicide rates in young teens has increased exponentially due to constant comparison with others, both young girls and boys.

No young child should have to experience this, especially in Western society where we are extremely privileged to live how we do. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, I intend to instill confidence in all youth that I interact with.



Trying your best no matter what


This program includes not only teaching the what of mental and physical health, well-being and performance, but the how and why. For some kids, it may take a while to grasp new things, which is completely okay. Everyone has their own unique starting point, and with practice comes improvement.

The first class expectation asks that all participants try their best, no matter what. They will succeed, and they will fail; both are good. Success will lead to increased confidence, whereas failure will teach them how to fail better next time, and the time after that.


At the end of the day, I will always emphasize a training environment that encourages life-long learning so that young people can understand why it is beneficial to succeed and fail. 



Ability to imagine new ideas


Creativity is at the heart of the youth development program. Although I believe in establishing structure, too much structure dissolves one's ability to think on their own, outside of the box.

Believe it or not, many college kids are practically incapable of thinking on their own and taking ownership of their life. I know this because I used to be one of them, and I went on to train 500+ college students every year for 3 years. My intention is to empower young people with skills so that they are prepared for life after high school, and I believe that it's never too early to start somewhere.



Engaging in productive conversations with others

Face-to-face communication is critical to building relationships, whether it's with a family member or someone you are trying to become friends with. This program encourages kids to actively communicate with others as well as how to resolve conflict.

If there's one thing I've learned from working with kids, it's that they can teach us A LOT more than we may believe, but only if they are given an opportunity to openly communicate and express themselves.



Ability to make good decisions


Being able to understand what is good or bad, beneficial or harmful, appropriate or not, is something that we all are still learning. Through trial and error, we develop new wisdom that can be crucial as we further develop as individuals.

Wisdom will be taught during competitive and self-competitive games as well as through discussions about previous performance pillars, including hydration and nutrition.



Knowledge of & finding joy in a current situation

We live in a world of chaos filled with technology and other things that are competing for our attention. So much so, that we often forget about where we are! Overwhelmed, crunched for time, and we never seem to have an opportunity to simply be aware of the amazing world we live in.

Nature is the performance pillar tied to awareness, in which we will discuss our local environment, other environments across the globe, and of course, the many benefits we can receive simply by spending more time outdoors, whether it's hot or cold.



Ability to lead & follow others

The final weeks of this program includes reflection about what was learned in the program, which transitions towards your kids taking the lead for the team's warm up and creating fitness games with their own rules.

Additionally, your kids will brainstorm an idea that is a form of community service, whether it is donating non-perishable food items or perhaps, teaching YOU, their parents, what they learned in the program through a fun movement-based day of learning.

Jimmy Nicholson

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