Everyone deserves access to simple solutions to improve overall health. Deep breathing is 1 of 9 foundations that is so important to one's overall health, and I want to share the experience with you and all community members in the Spirit River area. Managing emotions, physical stress and a clearer mind are few of limitless benefits to be gained.

The inspiration for providing this class in Spirit River began 5 years ago at my former University, in which the class was initially offered as an opportunity to improve athletic performance in a non-traditional, different way. As a college golfer at the time, my main motivation for engaging in the class was knowing that it would help me become a better golfer. However, my mindset towards breathing and stretching would expand far beyond what I ever could have imagined. 30-minutes of breathing and stretching became the BEST part of my Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then every day. Breathing and stretching became an opportunity for me to "get away from the world", and eventually, a form of meditation that would encourage me to see the world through a new, wider lens. The class evolved to reach the general student population, faculty and staff. At first, most people were hesitant to attend the class, for reasons I'm still not entirely sure why. Perhaps because the simplicity of breathing and stretching is the opposite of how myself and many other people would live their daily lives. However, once they experienced it personally, they became regular attendees of the class. The accumulating experience led me to realize something great, which would turn out to be one of the main inspirations for me to start J4 Performance, a strength & conditioning-based business based on what I believe to be universal foundations of human health.

In the early Summer of 2020, I introduced the breathing and stretching class to some of my closest friends. It was a Saturday morning, and the weather was far from ideal. Literally, pouring rain. I sat alone on my soaking wet yoga mat, coming to the realization that no one would show up. Just before the class was scheduled to start at 11am, seven of my friends arrived to join me. For the next 30-minutes, we would embrace the pouring rain. It was likely the last thing that they wanted to do on a Saturday morning, but regardless, they were there to support me and our local philanthropies by donating $5 for participating. Everyone who joined me that day would also participate in many future classes to follow. I love them all for supporting me that day, and ever since. The class continued almost every Saturday for the rest of the Summer, and we would raise just over $500 in donations for the Central Peace FCSS and Good By to Hunger project provided by the Rycroft Co-op. This Summer of 2021, I believe that we can raise well over $1,000!


This class is designed to be so simple and accessible for people of all ages. All positions can easily be modified to meet your individual needs, so no need to worry about . This class is not pilates, or yoga, but simply, 30-minutes of breathing, stretching, and an awareness of your breathing while stretching. 

You must experience it for yourself to realize the benefits available to you.

May all the benefits flow directly to you, us, and all.


Simply Awareness of Your Breathing while Stretching.

What a great opportunity to join local families outdoors, release some tension, and give back to our greater Spirit River family. $5 / participant and all proceeds will be donated to FCSS. Class schedule for the Spring / Summer of 2021 is TBD.

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