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Stretching & Breathing

30 min

$5 food bank donation / community member

Ste. Marie Soccer Fields @ 10 & 10:45am

Community Garden

Stretch, Breathe & Support Local Food Banks

From the Community. For the Communities.

Beginning Saturday, June 6, 2020, J4 Performance will begin offering 30-min express classes for just $5/person. All proceeds will be donated to local and surrounding community food banks.

Stretching. Breathing. An Awareness of your Stretching & Breathing. Experience all 4 quadrants of health in the simplest way. 

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Simplifying Health

We only use a fraction of our potential lung capacity in an environment where a compromised respiratory system may prove lethal. Now we are wearing masks for health reasons, but no one mentioned the detrimental effects of wearing a mask for long periods of time. Did anyone take the time to educate you about how a mask may inhibit your breathing? 

Even prior to COVID-19, most humans were shallow breathers who have progressively been exposed to more mental and physical stress than ever before. There are many reasons for this, but we now know that deep breathing is associated with numerous mental and physical health benefits, including a reduction of perceived overall stress

This class was inspired by 5 years of experience and practice with few simple concepts in mind. Stretching, Breathing and an Awareness of your Stretching and Breathing

May all the benefits flow directly to you, us, and all of us

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Breathing . Stretching . Awareness of Breathing and Stretching

Naturel I

New Times Coming Soon

What a great opportunity we have to take some deep breaths and release tension with our Spirit River+ Family in an outdoor paradise.

Currently limited to 100 community members

Naturel II

New Times Coming Soon

Feel free to stay for another class at no additional charge. Same intention. Different breathing techniques and stretching variations.

Currently limited to 100 community members

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