Breathing for Performance

We are naturally shallow breathers who use only a small portion of our total lung capacity. We have the power to change our body's chemistry and improve our lung capacity using a variety of breathing techniques. Whether it is to prepare for a big presentation at work or relieve stress at the end of your day, focused breathing will help you.

All 1-on-1 and team training sessions utilize a variety of different breathing techniques which have their own purpose and benefits.

During the mind-body preparation, we use breathing techniques that will help you improve your focus on your breath, training session goal, and the upcoming training session.

During the mind-body reset, we use different breathing techniques to slow down the mind and body so that you are ready to take on the rest of your day



Take 2 sips. Count them. Repeat.

There are millions of cells in your body that act as sponges; they love and bathe in water. Every morning, you wake up in a dehydrated state meaning there is less fluid to lubricate your organs, joints and muscles that enable your body to function efficiently. For these reasons and many more, it is one of J4's foundations.

Upon waking, fill up a glass of water. Take 2 sips and count them. Repeat this process until all the water is gone. Do this frequently throughout the day and do it one more time prior to going to bed. If needed, add a pinch of salt or hint of lemon to make the water more palatable.

Don't count fruits, tea, or beer as a source of your water intake. Continue to enjoy these with good judgment, of course, but let's keep it simple and commit to pure H20 to earn our daily water intake.



#1 in Recovery

We live in a highly stimulating world that can prevent us from earning enough restorative sleep. Sleep is essential to making good decisions, reducing overall stress and delaying the aging process.

In terms of athletic performance, sleep could be your greatest advantage over your opponents. As Coach Jason Glass often says, sleep like it's your job! You have know idea how sleep deprived you may be until you make a consistent effort to give yourself an opportunity for enough quality sleep. You will feel the difference.

Giving yourself an opportunity for enough quality sleep is the 2nd of 3 J4 Foundations. Why? All the benefits go directly to you.

Food Blogger


Universal Principles for Better Nutrition

Eat some whole foods is the 3rd foundation that we emphasize at J4 Performance. I understand that you may not always have access to healthy food options, and I will never expect your diet to be perfect because it's nearly impossible to maintain. All that I ask is that you make an attempt to become more aware of your nutritional habits and look for windows of opportunity for small changes to be made. The human system is remarkably adaptive, and if you have a variety of foods, and green vegetables, you will not have great difficulty if you observe some very simple guidelines:

  1. Never eat when you are mentally disturbed and the negative emotions are aroused

  2. Do not inhale your food. Reduce your food to almost liquid form by the chewing process

  3. Do not wash down food with your drinks

  4. Avoid too many soft foods that are simply swallowed without being chewed and are therefore improperly prepared for digestion

  5. Always stop when you feel you could eat more. Never get stuffed or have that full tight stomach feeling

  6. Do not engage in violent physical activity immediately after eating


Now to dive into nutrition...

The Triune System of Scientific Eating is based on the principle of food compatibility and the Law of Polarity, which states that "Likes Repel and Opposites Attract". There are certain foods which together are compatible and require the same digestive juices, while others in combination conflict, and the digestive enzymes are ineffective due to opposition. Making up a general list, there are 2 classifications, one that we can call positive, and the other negative, is:

The Positives: Proteins and Carbs

1. Proteins and legumes which can be combined with acid fruits, the hydrogen and mineral salt group

2. Carbohydrates, starchy vegetables and sweet fruits.

The Negatives: Carbon and Mineral Salt group

3. Salt, milk, honey and fresh vegetables. The mineral salt group.

The simple way to understand this is to avoid consuming proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal, based on the universal law of polarity. This law also applies to consuming proteins and fats at the same time. You're probably thinking, I thought chicken and rice was healthy for me? In the correct portions, yes, but the main point is that the digestive system is not designed to digest them when consumed together. The next time you go out to eat, read the menu and count how many menu items pair carbs with proteins, or contain all three macronutrients together. The food industry, like most industries, began with an honorable intention, but eventually were corrupted by financial interests.

Weight Lifting


Functional Training for Real World Strength

Daily life occurs in 3 planes of motion, but most training programs are designed based on exercises that primarily challenge 1 plane of motion: the sagittal plane. Using power lifting as an example, the deadlift, squat and bench press all occur in the sagittal plane. In simplifed terms, you pick heavy shite up and and put it down. Do these exercises develop strength and power? Absolutely, but the benefits of such exercises are limited to building strength in 1 plane of motion. J4 Performance provides a smarter approach to developing humans based on how the body is designed to move efficiently. 

Our strength & conditioning programs progress through the 3 planes of motion and are based on movement patterns. We do not randomly select equipment, but select the best tool to accomplish what your body needs for a given exercise. These facts alone aren't only what makes our system better than most...


We approach the body as a whole system and educate people how to move better by emphasizing the importance of the hands and feet. Together, your hands and feet make up MORE THAN HALF of the bones in your body and are your primary connection to the physical world. By learning how to use your hands and feet in training, we are able to connect the links in the body to produce greater strength, power, and most importantly, efficient movement that will make you more resilient to potential injury. When we are able to move efficiently, we are best able to express strength and power in anything that we do.

Computer Sketch


A Process of Self-Discovery

Should I dare to ask... "Who are you?" You would likely tell me your name and be satisfied that you had fully answered the question.

Now ask yourself... "Who am I?". Are you satisfied with your answer?

We live in a fast paced, materialistic world that has caused us to focus heavily on the exterior world. However, you cannot maintain your physical health without a positive mental state to support it. Think about the times when you felt unmotivated, lacking focus or simply frustrated. Why do you feel those things...? Are you sure? Dig deeper!

Our approach to personal development is arguably what sets us apart from 99% of the "fitness" industry. Only few people that I have met in my life are mentally prepared to begin a deep process of self-discovery due to the spiritual components involved. If you are open to it, I will gladly introduce the concepts to you. If not, I will still ask you some questions that are intended to make you think outside of your comfort zone. Learning to understand "Who Am I?" will help you understand your biggest questions in life.

Group of Friends


Earning Teammates for Life

No one achieves success on their own. Our parents/guardians bring us into the world, we create lasting friendships, and our circle continues to grow. In the world we live in now, we have begun to realize how powerful human connection is to us and how much we crave it in order to be happy. There is no better time to come together so that we can accomplish amazing things that will make the world a better place to live.

J4 Performance prioritizes a team approach in everything that we do, whether we're training or out in our community. We become a TEAM by training and improving together, engaging in listening, observing and doing, asking questions and mentoring each other during our pursuit of health, happiness and success.

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For The Communities. From The Communities

Giving and receiving of the simplest gifts, such as openness, gratitude and even food produces many positive emotions and has the potential to make someone's day... to change someone's life for the better.


This past summer, we provided weekly 30-min express classes designed to be so simple that anyone can participate and reap the benefits. Simply stretching, breathing, and focusing on stretching and breathing. All proceeds were donated to local food resources to assist those in need. Thank you to all of our community members who have participated and donated to this great purpose. Thank yourselves over and over again for any and all services you provide to benefit other people.

If you, your friends, or workplace are interested in teaming up to raise money and resources for those in need, please feel free to contact us. Let's team up and provide for others!

Sunset Over Trees


Reconnecting With Our Roots

We have been told to stay at home indoors, but some of us interpreted the message as a restraint from going outside.

Getting enough sun light is an essential aspect to your overall health due to the benefits gained from vitamin D. Rain or shine, summer or winter, embrace the weather for what it is. Even on the darker days, there is still sun light to be bathed in. Go for a walk, bike ride, or simply take off your shoes and enjoy how the grass feels between your toes.

J4 Performance embraces nature as part of the training process by hosting training sessions outside whenever the weather permits. Regardless of the training area, I attempt to create a clean and team-oriented environment that is conducive to life-long learning, which can be applied to your training session, personal goals and all other aspects of your daily life.

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