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My hometown communities, sports and music have had the greatest influences on who I have become.


My favorite part about growing up in Spirit River is the sense of family and community, which I'm forever grateful for. Although I was an only child, my friends became my brothers and sisters, and their parents became parents of mine. For 8 years, every time I came home to visit, it was almost as if I never left. You were always welcoming, loving, and it made me miss being home every year year that passed by. It was just two years ago when I began to consider moving back to Spirit River, and now that I've been back for a while, I know that I made the best decision for me. Spirit River is and always be home, so I thank you, my core family. My intention moving forward is to help you, my family, improve your overall health so you can enjoy whatever it is that you love to do.

I was fortunate to play a variety of sports growing up in Spirit River, but my main sports were hockey and golf, and still are to this day. I started playing hockey when I was 5, known as "crazy legs" back then. I played my entire minor hockey career as a Spirit River Ranger or Rycroft Shark, and my final year as part of Team Alberta at the Arctic Winter Games. I have much respect for both jerseys and intend to be a contributing community member to both minor hockey programs like all of my parents once did for my friends and I. My favorite things to do during the Christmas holidays is to watch the World Junior Hockey Championship with the boys and play shinny at the arena or outdoor rink. I'm a 4th line grinder at heart, but recently I've taken on a new challenge as a goalie in recreational hockey. I hope to improve enough in order to solidify my spot in the line up next year as the starting goalie for the Pelicans.

I've had an interesting relationship with the game of golf since I began at the age of 3. I began competing in tournaments at age 12, and would continue to compete up to the college level. I am constantly learning to understand the game in new ways, having coached NCAA golf as a sport and strength coach, learning hands on from the world's top golf fitness coaches, and playing alongside professional golfers including Adam Hadwin. Additionally, I have explored different careers in golf as a junior golf instructor, golf fitness professional and University coach. No matter where I go, golf has always been a part of me. I'm excited to begin a new chapter this season playing in cash scrambles with my dad and the boys and intend to assist the junior golf program at Chinook Valley.

My mom and I shared a passion for music, which she instilled in me beginning with piano at the age of 7. After about 5 years playing piano, I told my mom that I couldn't play piano if I wanted to be a professional hockey player! However, I wouldn't get off so easy since she was my music teacher in school. She taught me how to play the tuba, trumpet and even had me try to play the flute, which didn't go so well. My calling was the drums! I went on to take drums lessons and play in our school's band for 4 years. Since high school, I had put some serious hours in playing Rock Band with some good friends, and reflecting back, it inspired me to begin playing the drums again. The thought and act of playing again has also helped me reconnect with my mom who passed away in 2011. Playing drums is my main hobby, and is also how I spend the majority of my breaks between working. Playing drums also allows me to experience the most moments that are timeless.

Coach & Student

In the past 8 years, I have dedicated my learning to various industries related to health, business and sports performance, and have earned an extensive education and several certifications, including: 

M.S. Leadership & Management

B.S. Human Health & Performance

NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor

2019 SCIAC Coaching Staff of the Year

Titleist Performance Institute, Fitness Level 2 Coach

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Golf Fitness Specialist

I am a dedicated life-long learner who believes that continuing education is essential to provide you with a high quality experience that continues to improve.

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Yes, Coach!

Sports can teach us valuable life lessons, which is one reason why I love working with athletes and sports in general. During my enrollment at the University of La Verne, I was an athlete and coach of the men's golf program as well as a strength & conditioning coach who served all of our athletic programs:

Golf . Football . Soccer . Volleyball . Track & Field . Swim & Dive . Water Polo . Baseball . Softball . Basketball . Cross Country

I have also spent many years volunteering with various junior golf programs, beginning a long time ago with the Chinook Valley junior golf program, followed by The First Tee chapters in Arizona and California. Most recently, I began as an assistant coach for the U-15 Spirit River Rangers and have enjoyed every moment so far.

No matter what sport you play, improving athleticism is a primary goal, but the life lessons that can be learned along the way are why I do what I do. Working with the youth has been a growing passion of mine, and I'm excited to transmit the lessons that I have learned, just as all my parents have done for my friends and I.


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