To help our local communities improve overall health by finding solutions together.

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1:1 & 2:1 TRAINING

A wealth of knowledge and experience tailored to your specific health goals and needs


NCAA-quality experience tailored to all athletes in preparation for success in school, sport and life


Team-oriented training programs for family members and friends who want to improve health together


Empowering youth with core values, healthy habits, and the FUNdamentals of strength & conditioning 


Bonnie Whelan Testimonial.HEIC

Bonnie Whelan


The results I have achieved are due to the knowledge and determination Jimmy has taught me mentally and physically. Jimmy is very passionate and dedicated in wanting to see improvement and success in your goals. I love that he encourages a team experience and motivation. He is not just there training as a job, but to see the best in everyone on the team. Thank you for this wonderful experience and I'm looking forward to continuing working with you in the future.

Tanis' Testimonial Picture.jpg

Tanis Martin


I have had the pleasure of training with Jimmy since October, 2020. I have a lot of favourite parts but the most notable is the fact that I have less pain, inflammation and my posture has improved. He helped me build a strong foundation, little by little, offering gentle corrections to turn my bad habits into good ones. I find the workouts challenging, yet tailored to my ability. There is always improvement to strive for, but never being forced to forfeit. Everything is done with an intention behind it and he is very committed to myself and our team. I am grateful for the experience Jimmy brings to our community and my life.


Sayler & Marcia Tarzwell


Training with Jimmy is a great experience! He takes time to design a program that works best for you and addresses your personal needs. We feel like he really goes above and beyond to help guide us through our health and wellness journey. Jimmy’s programs are rooted in foundations that address several aspects of health and wellness, including nutrition and mental health. We love that it is all about holding yourself accountable and finding what works best for your lifestyle to help maintain health for the short and long term.

Rhonda Testimonial Pic.jpg

Rhonda Yurchyshyn


I thank myself every day for the commitment I made to myself. I joined this program as a social outing with friends, but now it is something that I get to do because I enjoy it. When we started swinging kettlebells, I was hesitant but Jimmy assured me that I could do it. I am now confidently swinging an 18kg kettlebell for 100 reps in 10 minutes, a personal accomplishment that I never would have imagined being able to do. Jimmy has an amazing way of letting you experience what is good for the body is also good for the soul. Thank you for introducing me to your awesome program and teaching me that I can succeed at anything that I put my mind to. 




A New Integrated Training Experience in the Peace Country

A system that combines principles of strength & conditioning, mixed martial arts and yoga


Mobile "Gym"

Train outdoors or indoors at your home, my backyard or the Ross Room at Centennial Hall


Simple, Minimalist Approach

Principles and concepts using the right tools to provide individuals with better solutions


Exceptional Coaching​

A top quality experience that goes above and beyond the average in the industry


Wider Approach to Human Health

It is time to transcend and include the best aspects of our current systems, discard the worst, and embrace the truest forms of health


I am a generalist: a coach, support system, educator, mentor and teacher among many other things. It is my duty of care as a qualified professional to work with people to find better solutions than they have been given in the past, whether in-person or online. Much of what I do and teach is not mainstream, but instead, is based principles and concepts that have been proven in the test of time dating back 1,000 years or longer.

My only intention behind conveying the messages that I do comes from a place of love and passion to help more people live with less pain, more confidence, and better overall health. That is all. With this being said, some of the messages I share will conflict with many mainstream beliefs about health, wellness, fitness, etc. This is okay. In my experience as a fitness professional, my belief system has changed several times and will likely continue to do so because the more I study, learn, practice and teach, the more opportunity there is to grow as a professional and individual. All parts of human health are important. Awareness, breathwork, communication, movement, and so on, are all important parts that make up human health. However, no part is greater than the whole.

I intend to connect as many dots as I can in order to simplify health and fitness so that we can find the best solutions possible to improve your health, happiness and personal idea of success.

My purpose is to serve you =)


A new, refreshing way to pay for your training!

Save money when you pay a portion of your training sessions with fruits/vegetables! A $2 discount will be provided in exchange for every time you bring a single food item to our sessions (i.e., apple, banana, tomato, etc.). A $5/session discount will be provided in exchange for a bundle/box of fruits/vegetables (i.e., head of broccoli, box of spinach, small container of blueberries, etc.).

Whatever you choose, please do not spend more than the $2 or $5 discount. I value your thoughtfulness more than your money =)

This Summer Promotion is being offered from June 1st, 2021 until we are no longer able to train outdoors due to Fall weather. This offer applies to all training services except for the U-12 and U-18 programs.


To work together with local and global community members to find simple solutions for improving health in an environment that meets the needs of the individual.


For my many families in the Spirit River area and across the world who want to improve their health. 

J4 Performance is a strength & conditioning-based system that combines Eastern and Western practices to provide a more holistic strength & conditioning experience. We embrace whole human development, interior and exterior, compared to specializing in one or few aspects of health.

J4 Performance intends to provide a high quality experience that raises the current standard of the health & fitness industry.