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There are many different ways to play golf, but there is only one efficient way for you to reach your playing potential. One of the first steps is to gain a better understanding about what your limiting factors are, which typically relate to how your body moves. I have performed several hundred TPI screenings to assess one's mobility and strength,

and NOT ONE individual has passed all the tests. It is likely that you have at least one physical limitation, which could be preventing you from playing the level of the golf that you want to. I'd rather not guess, which is why I assess!

A physical body that moves well will not only allow you to play better golf, but can also improve your resiliency to potential injury. Golf is a game that can be played for a lifetime, but not if you experience an injury.

As a golf fitness professional, my intention is to provide you with an NCAA-level experience that is tailored to your needs as a golfer, whether you're a competitive player or new to the game.​​

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1:1 & 1:2 TRAINING

Golf training packages provide the same value as normal 1:1 and 1:2 training packages, PLUS a golf-specific screening which will provide us with a great foundation for your training program. Just like upgrading your equipment, upgrading your body in the gym will improve your golf performance.


16 tests that assess your overall mobility and stability. Why is this important? Safety and performance.

If you're experiencing low back, for example, it could be due to some sort of lack in hip mobility. Improving your hip mobility will allow for a better rotation AND more distance.

Not interested in a training package?

Sign up for 1 session that includes a TPI screening, corrective exercises, and a 3-week training program to do on your own!

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Whatever your golf-related goals are, I would love to help you become the golfer that you want to be!

Your 9-hole playing lesson includes:

  1. Observing, talking and learning about your current game to make an initial assessment based on the first 3 holes

  2. Provide feedback to find 1-2 simple thoughts to experiment with for the next 3 holes

  3. Refine any minor changes made with extra shots and additional feedback

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Want to make some quick cash on the golf course?

Competing against your buddies is one way to do just that!

This modified version of 9-hole golf is aimed to challenge all aspects of your short game inside 125-yards. Flags will determine the tee boxes for that day, which could be on the fairway, rough, or bunker. Short course features a unique scoring format:

5 points = Hole-in-One

2 points = Up & Down

0 point = 3 shots to hole out

-1 point = 4+ shots to hole out

1st place - 50% of entries

2nd place - 25% of entries

$20 per golfer


After 9-holes, I will be available for 30-minutes to provide you with short game tips based on your and my assessment of your round. 


More time to spend after? Let's enjoy some breakfast!