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A Missing Link in the Fitness Industry? The World?

We live in a world controlled by technology that is constantly stimulating our senses, pulling us in random directions and influencing our thoughts. More than not, most humans are UNAWARE of this. YOU may be one of those humans, but it's okay because you are not alone. 


Since the beginning of history, we have transcended from everything before us to become something truly amazing: HUMAN BEINGS! Humans have also transcended into amazingly complex beings since the humans of hunter and gatherer days and we continue to develop, in some ways more than others. Regardless of what era in history, every human starts at square 1 when they are born and develop through stages of consciousness at a unique rate. Before you close your web browser because you may be thinking, "This is woo-woo nonsense", no right now that ALL HUMAN BEINGS develop through these stages, beginning with egocentric, ethnocentric, and eventually for some, worldcentric.


Imagine your youngest as a new born baby or that of your niece or nephew. The only thing that a baby cares about is its own survival. We all begin at the egocentric level, and most humans develop an ethnocentric worldview. Ethnocentrism could refer to your family, community or country. In the later stages of consciousness development, about 2% of the human population will develop a true sense of a worldcentric worldview. Why only 2%, you may wonder? There are many reasons, but one of the greatest reasons is because most humans live in flatland. Simply defined, flatland is a 1-dimensional, or limited view of reality. Using politics as an example, without getting out of hand, we can easily recognize that each party believes that they are correct. However, both parties fail to recognize that each of them are both right AND wrong. In reality, 

There is no better time for all of us to realize that it is okay to slow down and take better care of ourselves. It is also a great opportunity to explore how we can help and support each other in a time of global chaos.

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