A Simple, Holistic Solution For You To Prepare For Your Favorite Summer Activities

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It is time to have some serious fun!

Summer is almost here, and what better way to prepare for it by making sure you are feeling happy and healthy for all of the things that you plan to do outdoors with family and friends!

FUNdational Movement is a low-intensity, entry-level training program that can be tailored to your individual needs, whether you're a senior citizen or athlete.

Main components focus on improving balance, coordination, concentration, and various methods to help manage stress.


An ideal opportunity to learn foundational principles that apply to any weight-lifting activities that you enjoy, whether it's in the gym or related to summer activities!


Featuring rock paper scissors, card games, what are the odds, or whatever!

We will play responsibly,

of course.


Using cones, yoga blocks, wooden dowels, and furniture sliders, we can achieve specific goals that apply to you, and not just for creativity sake!

Dynamic Warm Up

Beginning lying down on our backs, we progressively work our way up to standing with a main focus on improving our most common human movement patterns: Rolling, crawling and walking. Why? To improve balance and coordination in daily life.

Low-Intensity, Minimalist Workout

Once your body is prepared, we transition into learning low impact exercises that prioritize shoulder, hip and knee health. The hip hinge (see picture) is an ideal movement that helps reduce potential knee pain. We can easily progress the hip hinge simply by changing foot set up, adding a resistance band, or using a slider to improve your mobility and strength in multiple directions, similar to the ways that you would move outside of our sessions during summer activities that you enjoy.

Exercise Game

Pick a card, any card. 10 of clubs, eh? Hold a hip hinge for 10 seconds ;)

Stress Management Cool Down

Most importantly, I want you to feel relieved and happy as you leave our session. Every session will conclude with a stress management technique, including but not limited to, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and imagery / visualization.

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  1. "FUN"dational Movement is a 2-day, 6-week program that costs $240 ($20 / session), which includes (12) 1-hour sessions, a new member packet, printed handouts about stress management techniques and general health, and an incentivized challenge. It's a surprise :)

  2. Payment plans are available, as I can understand if finances are tight given our circumstances.

  3. You create your team. Minimum of 4 people and maximum of 6. Start as soon as March 8th!