4 Quadrants of Performance

MVP Mentality . TEAM Strength . Training For Your Purpose . Life-Long Learning Environment

Developing Your MVP Mentality

You are your Most Valuable Person. To improve this, we practice mental development exercises that will enhance your training experience, optimize your physical gains and improve all aspects of your daily life.

Meditation - We live in a world of chaos that causes our minds to be all over the place. At the beginning of every training session, you will be guided through an internal meditation and 3D full body scan to focus on your training session.

Visualization - Once you're grounded, you will narrow your focus by visualizing your performance and setting a personal goal for the training session ahead, which serves as a stepping stone towards your long-term goals.

Positive Self-Talk - To finish every training session, we congratulate each other and thank ourselves for committing 1-hour to improving ourself and our teammates.

Training With A Purpose, For Your Purpose

Training for your purpose involves a focused effort to bettering one's self by practicing skills and striving for mastery. We do not exercise. We do not workout. We Train.

Performance Breathing - once you've set your training session goal, we transition into Box Breathing to focus the mind on being right here, right now. Various breathing techniques are integral to all aspects of the training session, whether during the warm up, performing exercises, or cooling down.

Body Preparation - an intentional full body warm up that prepares the body for the upcoming training session. The warm up is an assessment and the assessment is a warm up.

Training Program - based on simple principles and appropriate progressions, all training programs are easily adaptable to your unique starting point.

Building TEAM Strength

All members become #OneTeam because a team approach accomplishes more than any one individual ever could. Whether it is 1-on-1 personal training or a small group setting, we are a team that supports and challenges one another to transcend together

T rain together

E ngage in listening, observing, and practicing

A sk questions

M entor and support one another

Life-Long Learning Environment

The physical training is only part of the bigger picture. I care about you now, but care more about the next 5, 10, and 50+ years of your life.

Our culture goes with us wherever we train and embraces an environment that is welcoming to all skill levels. No judgements, no BS, just humans who share an environment that's committed to you and our team's development.

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Unique Benefits of Training with J4 Performance

High Quality Coaching Experience

I quickly evolved into a strength coach serving 18 NCAA athletic teams at the University of La Verne. I am forever thankful to have been personally mentored by many globally recognized strength coaches and continue to learn from the most intelligent professionals in the industry. My vision is to become an emerging leader in the fitness industry who provides nothing but the highest value to my local and global community.

Safety is Performance

J4 Performance uses an educational approach drawn from evidence-based research and experience to understand your unique starting point and ensure you're progressing appropriately. As far as I'm concerned, safety and performance are the same thing.


Learn how to master your own machine--your body--using the most versatile and optimal workout equipment available on the market. Eventually, you will be able to train on your own with full confidence in what you're doing with as little as 1 piece of equipment and your body.


Although I am a coach, I see myself as a team member and student who learns from members. We are #OneTeam. We Get Better Together.

Real World Strength

At the end of the day, we're all humans that live in an unpredictable world. We train the entire body, bare foot when optimal, because that is how the body is designed to perform at its best.

Integral S&C is a New & Optimal Approach

J4 Performance optimizes mental and physical development using a team approach in an environment that is conducive to life-long learning. The J4 system will change the fitness industry for the better by providing the value you deserve.


Supported By Science & Experience 

Research based-evidence has changed our world for the better by providing us with unlimited knowledge. J4 Performance takes pride in attempting to consider the most relevant and valuable information available to constantly evolve towards greater service for all community members


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