Your Health & Safety is Our #1 Priority

J4 Performance provides face-to-face coaching services in indoor and outdoor environments that may include the use of equipment. Based on reasonable logic and an educated perspective, J4 Performance deems the services provided as essential due to the mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical benefits. Due to the circumstances and implications of COVID-19, the following precautions will be embraced to ensure the safety and integral well-being of all community members:


  1. Pre-Session Screening - all community members who choose to participate in services provided by J4 Performance will be required to answer health-related questions prior to participation.

  2. Mandatory Sanitation - hand sanitizer will be provided and located outside before entering the training area. All community members must sanitize their hands prior to and following all training sessions.

  3. Physical Distancing - a minimum of 6ft (~2m) apart during all training sessions is established for all participants. All participants will have their own designated training space. Families, close friends and small cohorts are an exception, and therefore, are highly encouraged.

  4. Equipment and High Traffic Areas - all equipment is thoroughly sanitized immediately after use and/or at the end of every day. High traffic areas will also be sanitized appropriately and regularly.

  5. Buffer Time - 15-min will be allocated for the coach to properly sterilize equipment, high traffic areas & utilize self hygiene practices before new face-to-face interaction with other community members.

  6. Masks - I will be wearing a mask when offering classes indoors, but I do not expect all participants to wear a mask due to the potential negative effects it may have on your health while performing physical activity. It is up to you whether or not you choose to wear a mask during physical activity.

All community members are encouraged to follow the up-to-date COVID-19 health & safety guidelines proposed by the province of Alberta. Participation in any J4 Performance service is at the full discretion of the individual or parent/guardian if the participating individual is under the age of 18.

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